Security management strategy

  • Mzila is currently commissioned by the KwaZulu Natal Department of Health Security Risk Management to implement high standard ethics in the Security Department with emphasis on productivity & performance.
  • The process involved critical evaluation of security systems in all the health institutions and buildings. Come up with recommended integrated security systems for different department. Refine tender specifications and assist in appointing new Security Service Provides in the province.

This process entails:
  • Participating in compulsory pre-bid meetings with potential bidders. Pre-Bid meeting aimed at putting bidders through an orientation program that seeks to explain the security bid proposal needed by the department. Bidders are familiarized with site inspection procedures and bid document management.
  • Management and organization of bid documents deposited into the tender box during closing dates and times.
  • Evaluating whether submitted bids have all compulsory attachments of a security proposal.
  • Technical / Proposal Evaluation, selecting and shortlisting the relatively best top five (5). The best five is based on the nature and relevance of the proposal.
  • Facilitate proposal presentations by shortlisted bidders. The purpose of the presentation is to seek clarification to various issues emanating from the proposals
Verification of companies & Owners
  • Prepare reports for submission to Departmental Bid Evaluation Committee (DBEC) and present the technical evaluation process.
  • Work with Bid Evaluation Committee (DBEC) to prepare submissions to Departmental Bid Adjudication Committee (DBAC). Present the process to DBAC.
  • Part of the process also is to do verification all potential service providers, that has bided for Security Services and monitoring and evaluation.
  • Mzila also provide monitoring and evaluation of security systems to SASOL, and provide monthly report on the risk areas in the premises.
Project Management

Mzila is currently assisting KZN provincial government in security centralization.

Mzila is currently managing all projects implementation for the National Taxi Council, and KZN Provincial Taxi Council. Also provide the security management strategy and plan. That will ensure safety in their premises. Part of the assignment is to appoint relevant service providers that will guard all the offices and recommend security technology that will minimize costs.

Business improvement plan

Mzila was tasked to develop Business Improvement Plan and commissioned service providers that was going to ensure skills transfer to the existing employees, the process was monitored for 12months. A set of activities were designed to bring gradual hand over, but continual improvement to a process through constant reviews.

Minimum deliverables
Undertake a situational analysis
Draft implementation plan
Establish measures
Follow processes
Measure performance Identify and implement improvements

Bringing solutions to business

Increasing revenues and margins
Reducing costs and improving productivity
Controlling working capital.

Organizational Strategy
Mzila has assisted KZN Department of Roads & Transport to development its strategy on the procurement process, evaluation of service providers.

Supply Chain management & Monitoring and Evaluation

Mzila as an associate is currently involve in the monitoring of and evaluation of employment equity process for Kholer Packaging. The task involves auditing of BEE practice by Business Units, evaluation and alignment of BEE process to corporate objectives and skills development. Alignment of the processes to best business practice and legislative requirements. Development of Suppliers Data Base as well as the evaluation criteria

Lobbying & Networking
Mzila is currently involved in a number of assignments representing the Taxi Industry projects in stakeholder discussion and analysis of capacity for participation in businesses. Some of the assignments involve analyzing environmental factors and government programs to determine their position and role played by the government and institutions focusing on developing the Taxi Industry


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